Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Yaron Brook Denies Potential Genocide - Virtue Signals

Yaron Brook is the Ayn Rand Institute's chairman of the board. Although no longer ARI's CEO, he is still very much its public face. He seems to be putting most of his effort into his "radio" show. He uploads these shows several times a week onto his YouTube channel. Regrettably, most of these shows are over one and a half hours long. 

A few days ago, Brook had a lengthy show on several different topics, see above. One of these topics was about events in South Africa. Happily, only the first thirty minutes of this show concerns this issue. The rest of the show is on Brook's ongoing snit with Ben Shapiro that doesn't concern the more weighty topic of the potential (or perhaps ongoing) ethnic cleansing in South Africa. Brook's guest for this segment is Christo Hattingh, who is a white South African libertarian/Objectivist. Both deny that genocide is occurring in South Africa or that there is much of a threat of it happening in the near future. 

I've never been to South Africa and have to rely on news reports on current events in, and books for the history on, the country. My main interest here are Brook's reasons for minimizing the ongoing horrors in South Africa. He begins with the "liberal" smear du jour. According to Brook, the ethnic cleansing of whites in South Africa (ethnic cleansing seems to be many Africans favorite past time, e.g. Nigerian Civil War) is an issue made up by the "alt-right." The only examples he cites are Breitbart News (!) and Lauren Southern. Southern has produced a documentary on the oppression of whites in South Africa based on her extensive travels in the country. She's a Canadian libertarian and is not part of the "alt-right." 

Instead, both Brook and Hattingh argue that the motives for confiscating white own farms is mainly socialist/Marxist economic doctrine. We can leave aside here that the tens-of-millions murdered by socialists in the last century are just as dead as people murdered for racist reasons. They then claim that the ruling ANC is running away from the confiscation plan. Both of these claims are false. In late February, the South African parliament, by an overwhelming margin of 241 to 83, passed a measure to confiscate white owned farms. According to the Daily Mail, "the policy was a key factor in new president Cyril Ramaphosa's platform after he took over from Jacob Zuma in February." Key factor. Key. This key factor of the new government is explicitly racist. Note how whites are being demonized for all of South Africa's problems. 

We have a small racial minority being scapegoated for the problems created by a corrupt authoritarian government. This government will now confiscate the scapegoats' property for proper looting. Where have we seen this before? If the minority in question was not white, there would be no doubt about what's going on in South Africa. But, not to worry. Brook notes that Ramaphosa was in business! He's a businessman, and, therefore deserves the benefit of the doubt - unlike Donald Trump who's the cancer of our time, according to Brook. 

Ironically, several days before Brook's show on this topic, Lauren Southern was on Australian television answering her critics. (It didn't take long for Youtube to remove Southern's thoughtcrime. Two words: common carrier.) She says that genocide is not now occurring in South Africa; but, that there is a strong possibility of it happening. She argues that the completely corrupt South African government, and its media lackeys, are covering up the horrendous crimes being committed against white farmers. She also states that these crimes are largely racially motivated. Brook states that there is also very high crime black on black crime in South African cities. It's weird to hear someone minimize nasty murders and rapes the purpose for which is ethnic cleansing by citing street crime rates. 

At the end of Brook's segment on South Africa he indulges in virtue signalling. He praises Communist Nelson Mandela, no mention of Winnie's necklaces, and goes on about how horrible Apartheid was (although, less horrible than most of the contemporaneous horrors in Africa - e.g. Idi Amin). Brook praises Mandela "for transitioning South Africa to democracy [!] without violence, which I would have expected the country to explode. Apartheid was so disgusting I would have expected the country to explode" (28:00 minute mark). But now that the South Africa government is working to foment racial hatred and light the fuse of a powder-keg, Brook sees no evil. As with any "good" liberal-leftist, Brook denies that anti-white racism is a problem worth considering. For his ilk, only white racism exists and the USA is still controlled by Bull Connor.

I hope that the white farmers retain their firearms and aren't shy about using them in self-defense. As for Brook, a friend just sent me a link to another video of Brook in a panel discussion with Dave Rubin. 

Brook's views on the right to keep and bear arms start at around the 1:23:30 mark. He's responding to a question about school shootings. He's certainly right that the government school system is an abomination whose only purpose is to indoctrinate defenseless children with the leftist liturgy. He should have stopped there. Needless to say, government schools aren't going anywhere in the near or mid term. But, rationalist that he is, Brook denigrates the means for practical action (and the individual right that makes action possible) while spinning webs of reform that won't happen for decades, if ever: 

I don't think guns matter. If they took if they took all our guns it doesn't matter and if we kept all the guns it doesn't matter that much. What matters a thousand times more is what's happening in our schools.

There you have it. Having the means for self-defense "doesn't matter."  A woman having a gun to shoot her rapist "doesn't matter." Having a gun to stop a maniacal spree killer "doesn't matter." Anti-white racism doesn't exist. The elite's plan to "fundamental transform" white majority countries into white minority countries is not itself a form of vicious racism. For some people, only abstractions count - well, and their bank account.

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